Urban Cowboy

Match Director: Todd Leonard

Phone: (419) 777-4353



One of the newest shooting discipline for our club is called Urban Cowboy, and it is held on our Cowboy Action range the 3rd Saturday of each month – rain or shine or snow?, but not when a Hurricane is approaching!

No dress code is required, but if you want to wear something that will emulate an “urban” cowboy, shooting in an “Alley” we encourage you to do so. Let your imagination run wild as we are there to have fun!

Safety is handled by SASS & NRA R.O’s at all times. The required equipment is any Semi-Automatic 22 cal pistol, two 10-round magazines, 140 rounds of ammo and of course, eye and ear protection. We use the same 7 scenarios of the last SASS Cowboy Action shoot our club holds on the 2nd Saturday of each month, varying only to accommodate 22 cal. pistols (no rifles or shotguns), so each month the target sequences and layout change. We shoot all the regular steel targets under the timer, with 5 second penalty for each miss and 10 second penalty for any procedural screw-ups, such as shooting targets out of sequence. A combination of speed and accuracy is the challenge in this type of match.

It is perfect for first-time shooters and those who prefer low-recoil pistols and cheap ammunition. If you would like to hear more about this, our newest fun shooting event, please contact the Match Director. Or, just come to our main gate on the 3rd Saturday and do some “spectating”. Registration starts at 8:45 AM, match starts at 9:00 AM.