Fort White Gun Club

Current News

Steel on Rifle Ranges

There is another new target on the rifle range! It will be a challenge and is another great addition to shooting opportunities at the range. Below are the Rules that apply to this target.  Observe them.

No armor piercing rounds of any kind including  steel core, SS109, M855 green tip or solid copper rounds.

Hollow point, expanding, and full metal jackets bullets are permitted.

No rifle calibers larger than .30 are permitted.

No rifle ammo with a velocity over 3000 feet per second with the exception of 223/5.56 is permitted.


Due to insurance regulations, there will no longer be any camping allowed on Gun Club property.

Board Meetings

2nd Tuesday of the Month – 4:00PM – 6:00 PM

General Information

This Members Only Private Club has 30+ acres including a Cowboy Action range, 5 Stand / Sporting Clays range, 125 yard rifle range and a 25 yard pistol range. Our main emphasis is on safe target shooting and enjoyment.

We are a family oriented not-for-profit corporation and we encourage you to contact the board or one of the board members for more information.  Contact information is provided in the “drop down” entitled “Officers” at the top of the page.

(386) 497-9403 this is an answering machine. Emailing the board is recommended as  a more efficient means of contact.

Range Hours are 9:00 AM to Sunset, except Sunday. Sunday Range Hours are from 1:00 PM to Sunset (STRICTLY ENFORCED!)

Range Clean-Up Schedules

Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun Range clean-up is 8:00 a.m. to approximately Noon 1st Friday of each month, except as changed in the newsletter. (All Ranges are closed during clean up) Cowboy Range* match preparation is on the Thurs, (8:00 am – Noon) before each of the three monthly matches. (2nd, 3rd & 4th Sat) (*cowboy range is closed during clean up and the newly painted stages remain closed until after the match except for a practice stage left open in D.I.Y. scenarios)

All members are asked to help keep the ranges in shape by sweeping and not leaving any mess after shooting.