Suwannee Valley Youth Sharpshooters

Match Director: Bruce Antognoni

Phone: (386) 292-4624


Assistant Match Director: Harold Scott

Phone: (386) 961-2494



To afford youth the opportunity to learn and respect gun safety, and promote ethical hunting practices. All youths that participate will have the opportunity to receive their Florida Hunter Safety training and certificate.


1st Saturday of each month from 1 PM to 4:30 PM.


Youth shooters ages 8 to 18 years old will have the opportunity to learn to shoot, .22cal rifle, shotgun trap and muzzleloaders. Training and practice will be from 1 PM to 2:45 PM. At 3 PM to close, there will be a shooting match of one of the three firearms that the youths have been trained in.

All community youths are welcome to attend, however youths that are not members of the SVYSS will pay a fee of $15.00 to shoot. (Ammunition and targets are included for the match).

All shooting will in accordance with the bylaws of the Fort White Gun Club, and the National Rifle Association’s Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) rules.

.22cal rifle and muzzleloader matches may be conducted in any or all of the four shooting positions; Standing (25 yards), Kneeling and Sitting (50 yards) and Prone (75 yards). (Positions will be determined at time of match).

Shotgun trap shooting will include, single, double, both true and report. At times we may shoot sporting clays, with the Sporting Clay Discipline, at which time, there will be an additional $5.00 charge, payable to the Sporting Clay Discipline.

.22cal rifle may have iron sights (open or peep) or be equipped with a scope (3X to 9X only). Only hunting style rifles may be used. Competition bull barrels will not be allowed. Only .22 LR ammunition may be used.

Muzzleloaders may have iron sights (open or peep). Traditional style muzzleloaders are preferred, however in keeping with the NRA YHEC rules, modern inline may be used. Shooters that prefer to use modern inline muzzleloaders will be required to furnish their own ammunition. Only black powder or black powder substitute may be used.

All SVYSS members will have the opportunity to compete in other youth shooting sports in the State, and also the opportunity to attend the NRA National/International Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC).