Sporting Clays

Match Director: Joe Hinkle, email:

Certified Trappers

Skeet and Trap only:
Frank Kodl, John Vickers, and Buddy Register.

Skeet, Trap, and 5-Stand
Joe Hinkle, Tracy Philman, Kim Gill, Dan Decker, and Dale Youngman.

Specific Requirements:

No steel shot, no magnum shot, and no shot larger than 7 ½. No loading of more than two rounds in the shotgun at any one time.


Every Wednesday and Saturday 1:00 PM in December-April, 9:00AM May-November.
Saturday shoots will be canceled if there are less than four shooters. No shoots on Christmas or Easter. Optional shoots maybe conducted with permission of match director.

5-Stand is a compact sporting clays course that consists of four fixed traps (skeet high and low house, trap house, and dove tower) and four movable traps, one of which is a rabbit presentation. There are five fixed shooting stations in which a single bird, two pairs which could be on report, true pairs or combination of the two. After all the shooters compete shooting the five birds at their respective stand they rotate to the next stand. A round of 5-Stand consists of shooting five birds at five different stands for a total of 25 birds. 5-Stand can be very challenging since no two of the 25 birds shot are exactly the same.


Shoots maybe conducted on same days and times as 5-Stand.  Skeet/trap shoots are an option to 5-stand which is determine by match director based on interest of members.
No shoots on Christmas or Easter.

Skeet is a game of 25 shots with birds thrown from two trap houses (low house and high house) which are 44 yards apart. There are eight shooting stations with a single bird from each house being shot at each of stations along with a true pair shot at stations 1, 2, 6, and 7. There is one optional shot to re-shoot the first missed bird.

Trap at Ft. White is shot from 5 pads 16 yards from the trap with five rounds at each pad for a total of 25 birds.

For specific regulations on Five Stand and Skeet please check the National Sporting Clays Association website:

For other sporting clays ranges and shoots please check the Florida Sporting Clays Association website: