Rims A’Fire

Match Director: Steve Karabin

Phone: TBD

Email: spk_ii@yahoo.com

Assistant Match Director: Greg Wilson

Phone: (352) 486-6207

Email: gregscv@aol.com


There will be a total of eleven (11) to twenty-two (22) targets to shoot. These will be mixed at the Match Director’s discretion. There will be auto-reset steel targets at 25yd, 50yd, 75yd, and 100yd lines and at any point in between 25yds and 125yds. The mix will also be at the discretion of the Match Director, as will the sizes of the targets to be used at that particular match. Shooting order will be determined by a random number draw.

The Match Director may also offer a “bonus target,” which will consist of a hanging steel cowbell, bowling pin silhouette, or similar item, to be placed approximately 120 yards from the firing line. After completing the course of fire and hitting all targets at the 25-100 yard lines, he/she may take one shot at the “bonus target.” Should said shooter strike the target with that shot, he/she will be credited with a minus 15 seconds to his/her score.

One shooter will be called to the firing line at which time he/she will come to the firing line with an unloaded weapon, bipod or rests, and up to four (4) magazines loaded with ten rounds each. The shooter will be instructed to load and make ready. He/she will then load at the bench and assume the ready position. At the sound of the buzzer he/she will begin firing starting with each target at the 25, 50 and 75 yd. line, (one reload between the twenty five and one hundred yard line is mandatory) and then at the targets set at the 100yd line.

The shooter will continue to shoot until all targets are eliminated, he/she is out of ammunition, or time has expired. All shooters will shoot twice with one exception. In the event there are more than 12 shooters, only the top 6 shooters will shoot in the second stage. Shooting order will be first to last in both the first and second stages.