Precision Pistol

Match Director: Noel Burkhead

Phone: (352) 284-5160 home



The FWGC Precision Pistol discipline (previously known as “NRA Bullseye”) is for 22 long-rifle only and follows NRA rules for course of fire for a Precision Pistol short course match (25 yards). The purpose is to help shooters refine their pistol-shooting skills in a safe club setting. No formal match experience required although all shooters must know and obey range rules. New participants will receive help, instruction, and encouragement from knowledgeable shooters.

Required equipment:

  • Pistol: a reasonably accurate semi-automatic 22 pistol with two magazines (revolvers may be used); Common pistols used are Ruger Mark II, III, and IV target models, and comparable pistols made by Beretta, Browning, Colt, Marvel, Nelson, S&W, Walther, and others.
  • Sights: Iron sights or red dot sights are used (latter used by most shooters).
  • 100 rounds of ammunition (90 required for match; additional rounds for alibis); standard velocity (1050-1080 fps) is usually more accurate; however, reliable ammo your pistol prefers is best.
  • Roll of masking tape (to tape holes outside target).
  • A 6.5 x 8.5-inch clipboard (half-size) and pencil.
  • ECI (empty chamber indicator), hearing and eye protection.
  • Spare battery for red-dot scope (most use 2032 button-style batteries).
  • Any tools you may needed to deal with malfunctions, adjust sights, or other issues.
  • For ammo, check out: 22-lr.htm, or

Match Format: Precision Pistol matches are divided into three courses of fire (30 rounds/course): 1) Slow Fire—10 rounds in 10 minutes; 2) Timed Fire—four stings, each string firing 5 rounds in 20 seconds (requires two magazines, five rounds each); and 3) Rapid Fire—four stings, each string firing 5 rounds 20 seconds (requires two magazines, five rounds each).

Shooting is from the off-hand stance (one-handed position), but as a non-official match, twohand shooting is allowed. Participants learn the fundamentals of precision pistol shooting and regular attendance will be rewarded by increasing proficiency of an individual’s shooting skills. This is an outdoor match beneath a covered range; hence, matches occur rain or shine (if raining, bring a raincoat). Matches will be cancelled in the event of lightening or severe cold (<30° F).

Goals: Because shooting well is joyful, the goals are to learn and develop fundamental skills of pistol marksmanship in a safe, friendly environment. All are welcome (see club rules regarding minors). As a non-sanctioned match, scores are not submitted to NRA; however, scores can be sent to the NRA for classification for an additional fee (see Match Director).

Where and When: Matches occur on the FWGC pistol range on the 3rd Thursday of the month; start time at 9:00 AM (April through September) and 10:00 AM (October through March). Matches usually last about 1.5 hours.

Cost: $3.00 per shooter; targets and score sheets provided.

For equipment, ammo, and technique info, visit “The Encyclopedia of Bullseye Shooting” at