April 2024: .22 Fun Match Gossip

The Fun Match has been going on for almost five years now and as the unbiased Match Director that I am, I think it has kept it’s reputation of being “fun”. During that time we have had as many as seven shooters and as few as one (guess who…BTW, I was high shooter when that happened). Please understand we can accommodate 12 shooters; if needed I would be willing to have more than one relay. Now that would be fantastic.

We have been fortunate to have a variety of shooters (newbies and veterans) attend the matches. For a while I thought we were going to have several junior shooters get involved but sadly that was a short-lived dream. Maybe it will happen in the future, one can only hope.

We are all about safety but in a relaxed, non-stressed and informal setting. Experienced shooters freely provide advice and assistance (and frequent good-natured harassment) as appropriate before/during/after the match. It reminds me of hunting or fishing camps but of course without alcohol.
It has been a great venue to gain information regarding proper shooting technique, proper firearms (and sometimes repairs of same) and ammo and varied opinions regarding answers to the meaning of life and other unresolved issues of the world.

At the last match, a new shooter participated and he was assisted with sighting in his gun and given tips regarding how to improve his accuracy and he noticed improvement during the course of the match. It’s all about improving skill while having a good time.

I urge you to come out, bring a .22 and 100 rounds of ammo, a stapler and masking tape and participate with us. It is a great way to work on improving your shooting accuracy while not being under any stress, because the only score you are interested in is your own and how it changes over time. (Did I mention I had high score when I was the only one shooting? But it was not as much fun!)

I hope more members (and guests) will come out and participate in the .22 Fun Match. (Did I mention we can accommodate 12 shooters?) Fourth Sunday of the month at 1:00. Come early for a safety briefing and how the match proceeds and scoring protocol.

Jim Fleming