April Fun Match

The 4th Sunday of April turned out to be a beautiful day on the range. Usually from now until about September it is like being in a sauna……something to look forward to in the coming months. “Anywho”, four brave souls were on the line expecting to have some fun.

It started out fairly well, except one shooter (JD) said she was having trouble with her accuracy because she was being distracted by “unexpected cuteness”. The three men believed she was referring to them, but sadly it was three fox kits that had emerged from their den under the storage shed behind the pistol range. BTW, the shooting didn’t seem to faze them.

As the match progressed, JD had another distraction affecting her shooting. Turned out to be a spider in her line of sight dangling from the barrier in front of the firing line. When we went down range to score she “corrected the situation” and the match continued without further issues.

This discipline has myriad forces affecting our shooting ability, interesting enough not related to our skills. Usually too windy; too sunny; too shady; too hot/cold etc. I’m sure you get the picture. It’s all good natured fun, and now we have two more excuses we can employ.

After the shooting completed and the scoring was done, out of a possible 900-90X the results were as follows: GS as match winner with 880-39X, JF 846-21X, JD 838-12X (with all her distractions) and BR 829-14X. This was only his second time doing this. Great job BR!

Looking forward to next month.

Jim Fleming