New Age Steel Plate

Match Director: Jim Bamber

Phone: (352) 318-8670



An exciting and fast paced match to hone your concentration, accuracy and speed shooting skills at ten 8″ steel plates, reloading, then shooting ten more steel plates for the fastest time. You will use a 22LR semi-automatic pistol with two ten round magazines. Optics are permitted. We shoot three strings with a maximum of sixty rounds. MATCH FEES are $3.00 per pistol.

For each string the shooter will come to the firing line and place one ten round magazine on the mat at the first station and the second ten round magazine on the mat at the second station. The shooter will then move back to the first station and wait for the instructions from the Match Director to load and make ready and then commence shooting at the sound of the timer buzzer. The shooter will take one shot at each plate on the first two racks then remove the empty magazine and then move over to the next station, load the next ten round magazine and commence firing at the next ten plates. The timer will stop when the last shot of the second magazine is fired. Any plate that was not hit will result in a five second penalty for each missed plate and be subtracted from that strings timed score. At the end of the third string the shooters scores will then be tallied, and the lowest time scored will then be declared the Match Winner.

Matches will be held on the 1st Monday of each month at 10:00AM on the Pistol Range. Also, a Steel Plate practice will be held on the 3rd Monday of each month if enough shooters request the practice in advance.

All Match Rules, Requirements and Conditions for the NEW AGE STEEL PLATE MATCH can be found in detail in the “DOCUMENTS SECTION” under the “DISCIPLINE SOP” tab.