EDC/Home Defense

Match Director: Greg Wilson

Phone: (352) 486-6207

Mobile: (352) 949-1407

Email: gregscv@aol.com

Assistant Match Director: Mike Gordon

Mobile: (352) 363-8889

Email: manogmin@yahoo.com

The goal of this discipline is to provide a more realistic and safe environment for shooting Every Day Carry and Home Defense firearms. Handguns, pistol caliber carbines, and shotguns are shot at steel and paper targets on the Cowboy range. NOTE: You need not shoot each category of firearm to participate.

Typical match is six (6) stages (scenarios) using handgun, carbine, and shotgun (or any combination thereof).


> One or more double or single action revolvers or semi-auto pistols.

> One pistol caliber carbine (.22lr are permitted).

> One shotgun of any type or gauge (except auto loader).

> Center-fire cartridges loaded with lead or polymer coated bullets (maximum velocity of 1200 fps).

> Shot shells with #4 shot or smaller (no steel shot).

> Round count: 60 pistol rounds; 60 carbine rounds; and 30 to 40 shotgun shells.

Match takes place on Cowboy Range on the 4th Saturday of each month.

Gates open for registration at 8:15AM.

MANDATORY safety meeting at 8:50AM.

Match starts at 9:00AM.