Duel of Steel

Match Director: Tim Ruelke

Phone: (352) 316-1204

Email: tkruelke@bellsouth.net


This match challenges a shooter’s speed and accuracy. Shooters must address multiple targets with the distraction of another shooter firing next to them.  Shooters will be paired for each bout. They will simultaneously shoot at ten eight-inch steel plates and a stop plate.  The first shooter to knock down all ten steel plates and then the stop plate will win the bout. At the end of all the bouts, the shooter winning the most bouts, wins the match. If there is a tie in the number of wins. The shooter who has knocked down the most plates during all the bouts will win the match.


Shooters are allowed 20 rounds for each bout. At least one reloading sequence is required. As the object is to knock down the plates as quickly as possible, a semi-automatic pistol is recommended. Shooters will need two, ten round magazines for each bout. Optics are permitted.


You will use 22LR rimfire ammunition. You will need 20 rounds per bout. The number of bouts depends on the number of shooters participating. We can have as many as 12 shooters, so be prepared with 240 rounds.


Match fees are $3.00 per pistol.

Date and Time:

Matches will be held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 1:00PM on the Pistol Range. RANGE RULE: NO FIRING BEFORE 1:00 PM ON SUNDAY

All match rules, requirements and conditions for the DUEL OF STEEL can be found in detail in the “DOCUMENTS SECTION” under the “DISCIPLINE SOP” tab.