22 Fun Match

Match Director: Jim Fleming

Phone: (386) 497-3184

Email: pakkowines@yahoo.com


No Formal Shooting Experience Required: The 22 Fun Match follows NRA rules and course of fire for Precision Pistol shooting (.22 caliber only) except targets are all the same and fired at distances of 25 yards and 15 yards. The purpose is to refine the pistol-shooting skills in a safe club setting. New participants will receive help, instruction, and encouragement from knowledgeable shooters.

Required equipment: A .22 revolver or semi-automatic pistol. If using a pistol, it is recommended to have 2 magazines. Also needed are:

Brief Description: FWGC 22 Fun Matches are 25 yard and 15 yard outdoor matches. Shooting is onehanded or two-handed but no other support is allowed. Shooters fire beneath a covered shelter and matches occur rain or shine (if it is raining, bring a raincoat or umbrella). Participants will learn the fundamentals of pistol shooting and regular attendance to matches will increase one’s pistol shooting skills. Matches will be canceled in the event of severe weather.

This is a non-classified club match: Scores are not submitted to the NRA for classification. The goal of this discipline at the Fort White Gun Club is to enjoy pistol shooting in a safe, friendly atmosphere.

Where and When: The matches occur on the FWGC pistol range on the 4th Sunday of each month beginning at 1:00PM. New shooters of this discipline need to arrive 45 minutes early for instruction regarding range commands, scoring and safety briefing. This match should last about 1.5 hours.

Cost: $3.00 per shooter; targets and score sheets provided.