Club Officers

Kenny Long

Title: President

Phone: (352) 318-0386

Email: president@fortwhitegunclub.org

Dwight Jesseman

Title: Vice President

Phone: (352) 284-4244

Email: vicepresident@fortwhitegunclub.org

Sean DeVore

Title: Recording Secretary

Phone: (352) 630-9884

Email: secretary@fortwhitegunclub.org

Ted Batton

Title: Range Maintenance Officer

Phone: (352) 538-2375

Email: maintenance@fortwhitegunclub.org

Jim Bamber

Title: Membership Secretary

Phone: (352) 318-8670

Email: membership@fortwhitegunclub.org

Ken Dessert

Title: Chief Range Officer

Phone: N/A

Email: rangeofficer@fortwhitegunclub.org

Pat McAlhany

Title: Treasurer

Phone: (352) 359-3335

Email: treasurer@fortwhitegunclub.org

Board Meeting

The Board of Directors usually meets the 1st Tuesday of every month at 6:00 PM. This is a private club meeting but open to all members in good standing (and invited guests) who are encouraged to observe & participate in discussions. The opportunity to comment before the Board will be afforded all those who attend.

The minutes of the previous meeting and current financial reports are read. Old or tabled business is followed by new business. Voting on issues is done only by the Board at these monthly Board meetings unless there are issues that the by-laws specify must be decided by the members present.

There are also two general membership meetings held Nov and April. Voting for new Officers is done at the April meeting. After the adjournment of monthly meetings, the board members stay to handle bills and implement needed procedures.

All club records are always available for review to club members in good standing at this time. Records can also be reviewed by making a special appointment with the Board after a written request. This is your club, so get involved - and help make it better for all 750+ members.