Current News

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New Changes to Range Rules: There are changes to Range Rules 3, 7 and 8. Please review the new rule changes. Please note that the range now opens at 9:00 AM

Fellow members: All matches on pistol range are still suspended until further notice due to size constraints.

Board Meetings - 1st Tuesday of the Month, 6:00PM - 8:00PM

Club Membership is at Full Capacity. If you wish to be considered for membership you can be put on a waiting list by emailing the Vice President (vicepresident@fortwhitegunclub.org). If you were on the 2018/19 list and did not get considered and still wish to be on the 2019/20 waiting list, you MUST contact the Vice President stating so. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS! We regret that many of you on the list did not respond to the offer ... likely due to spam filters.


Rule #18

When the range is declared “cold” handling or touching guns is prohibited. Shooters and guests must remain behind the red line unless changing a target. All guns on the tables or bench will have the action or cylinder visibly open.

Interesting Link for Parents of Youth Hunters: Most Youth Friendly Hunting States - Hunting Age Limits By State

General Information

This Members Only Private Club has 30+ acres devoted to Cowboy Ranges, Archery, Sporting / Target Clay ranges & Pistol / Rifle Ranges. Our main emphasis is on safe target shooting and enjoyment.

We are a family oriented not-for-profit organization and we encourage you to call us for membership information - (386) 497-9403 (answering machine) 24/7. This website also has a blank application you can download.

Range Hours are 9:00 AM to Sunset, except Sunday. Sunday Range Hours are from 1:00 PM to Sunset (STRICTLY ENFORCED!)

Range Clean-Up Schedules

Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun Range clean-up is 8:00 a.m. to approximately Noon 1st Friday of each month, except as changed in the newsletter. (All Ranges are closed during clean up) Cowboy Range* match preparation is on the Thurs, (8:00 am - Noon) before each of the three monthly matches. (2nd, 3rd & 4th Sat) (*cowboy range is closed during clean up and the newly painted stages remain closed until after the match except for a practice stage left open in D.I.Y. scenarios)

All members are asked to help keep the ranges in shape, cut grass (in season), sweep, etc.

Remember, we all need to pitch in to help keep our dues & fees low!...and to keep just a few members from doing all the work for everyone else 12 months a year!

No member is too busy to participate just 2 hours a year !